Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogging Tips & Advice For Beginners

gging Tips & Advice for Beginners | www.SpicyPinkInspirations.com

       We have all been there. We decide to begin this journey called blogging and it can be a steep learning curve trying to figure out all the in's and outs. I am fairly new to the blogging scene myself but I have learned a few things along the way. I have compiled a list of useful information and tips to get all you newbies on your way and maybe a few useful tips or refreshers for a few of you veterans out there too?

1.)  Content!  It is the bread and butter and the whole point of your site. You can gussy up your page and make it as pretty as you want but nobody will stick around if you don't have the posts to keep them coming back for more. Readers will only come back if they are getting something out of it. Teach them something, make them laugh, inspire them, give them something to share, etc. The point is that the quality of your posts should be priority number one. Worry about the other stuff afterwards.

2.)  Don't Clog Your Blog.  It's been said time and again but it really is important that you have a fresh, clean, easy to navigate site. There is nothing worse for both you and your potential readers than having interesting content and your readers want more but can't figure out how to navigate through all of the confusing nonsense on your page to find it. Keep all the ads and widgets to a minimum. Use consistent colors that aren't too jarring throughout your design. The goal is to just make it as organized as possible so you can keep people clicking through your posts.

3.)  Do The Work First. I personally have a challenge where I tend to like to plan for and motivate myself to no end to do something but while I'm busy motivating and planning (Pinterest anyone?), I get tired or run out of time to work. In the end, my actual goal doesn't get accomplished because I tired myself out and was distracted by other non-essential things. My end result tends to be that I have all the best intentions and plans in the world but they don't get off the ground because I lost focus of the most important thing, actually posting. Try to maintain/carve out a specific time for blogging and set goals for each day and try to meet them. Blog a couple days ahead of time (ex: its Tuesday and you are working on Friday or Saturdays post.) just in case something unexpected comes up in your day, and with kids, who doesn't have those days? Do the work first and the fun stuff second.

4.) Research & Make Friends. Take the time to research all the ins and outs of the different blogosphere terminology and tools, make lists of ideas for future posts or what direction you would like to see your blog go in. While on this journey of researching and immersing yourself in the blogging culture, you will come across many blogs that maybe you admire or find fascinating. Comment on their posts. Try to become part of the group by getting cozy and contributing to the discussion. Eventually you will become recognizable and it will undoubtedly send some traffic back to your own blog. Bonus!

5.)  Social Networking.  I recommend looking into a few social networking sites to link to your blog and once you are comfortable with those, research a few more. It is a great opportunity for new readers to find you plus it puts you on a platform to be in front of your readers everyday. The important thing to making social media work for you is to make sure you are updating at least everyday, if not a few times a day to keep them engaged. Respond to comments and try to initiate discussion. It doesn't have to be all about links to your blog either. Actually, I would recommend it not be only links to your posts. That isn't engaging or fun for your followers to read. Give a peek into your daily life. Throw a few jokes in the mix. Ask questions. It sounds daunting but it's not that bad. Also, make sure you have your social media icons/buttons displayed prominently on your blog so your readers can easily access your pages you've worked so hard to maintain.