Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do You Tip Fairly?

     Tipping the people who take care of us in the service industry is an important part of our everyday lives but some of us are a little foggy on whom, how much, and when we should be tipping. Now, as a former server and hairdresser as well as a frequent customer/client, I have experience with both sides of this first hand. Where I live, in Michigan and from what I've read about everywhere else in the U.S., the standard tipping rate for a server is 20% of your bill. If you are lucky you will occasionally get that really nice generous table who actually tips this much or more but more often than not, you're lucky to get 10%. Then there are the dreaded tables who will run you ragged meeting their every whim but they leave you zilch. I always loved those tables. Can you sense my sarcasm? :o)

     Of course you have to take into account the quality of service being provided by your server but you must also remember that servers make just over $2 an hour without tips as per the adjusted minimum wage for their industry and most of that is eaten up from having their tips taxed. So essentially, they live off of their tips exclusively. It amazes me that that is even legal but it is. I have also found myself wondering why servers have to rely on an establishments patrons to pay their wage for the most part but that's a whole other topic! (Here's an interesting article on the subject for those of you who may have an interest. ) It occurs to me however that maybe not everyone is aware of the 20% rule. I know that 10 or 15 years ago, 10% was considered standard. Therefore, I have comprised a list of standard tipping rates for those situations where you are not quite sure of the appropriate amount to leave.

Standard Tipping Scale & Percentages for Services |
     I hope this little chart helps you along in your journey to feel confident in knowing what to tip to the deserving public servants out there who go out of their way to provide you exceptional service!

     What do you all think about the tipping standards? Do you think it is fair that you are expected to pay for not only the services and goods you receive but also be expected to tip the staff generously as well? Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this.