Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Make A Custom Signature

How To Make A Custom Signature For Blogger Posts | www.SpicyPinkInspirations.com
     So you know how when you are looking around at some of the bigger blogs and you notice how they have those fancy signatures after each of their posts? Well you can have one too and I'm going to show you how!


     Okay, so first things first. You need to create your signature. I used MyLiveSignature to make mine. Click: START NOW>> SIGNATURE CREATION WIZARD>> type in your name then click: NEXT STEP>> You then can choose from 120 different fonts then click: NEXT STEP>> Choose the size you would like your signature then click NEXT STEP>> Choose your colors then click: NEXT STEP>> Choose if you would like a slope. If you don't want a slope, just choose the first option they have available and it will be straight. Click: NEXT STEP>>  Alright, from here you just hover over your finished signature, right-click and SAVE IMAGE AS. If you need the HTML code for any reason, just scroll down and click: WANT TO USE THIS SIGNATURE? This is what mine looked like when I finished this step.


     If you decide you want to use any pictures or flourishes with your signature, just upload the picture you saved of it to any of a number of sites. I used FotoFlexer to do mine. Just upload the image and then use the various tools to create what you are looking for. When you are finished, remember to save in PNG format to preserve any transparency. This is what mine looked like after this step.


     Upload your finished image to any image hosting site you like. I used Photobucket. You need to then copy the URL or Direct Link if you use Photobucket.


     You are going to use this code but switch out the SIGNATURE URL for the URL of your picture. Make sure to leave the quotation marks on each side of the code. 

<br /><p><br /><img style="border:0;" align="right" src="SIGNATURE URL" /><br /></p><br />

     Go to your Blogger dashboard. Click: SETTINGS>>  POSTS & COMMENTS>>  POST TEMPLATE. Post this code in the box provided. You can change the alignment to "left" or "center" instead of "right" if you prefer as well. Click: SAVE SETTINGS.

     You are all done! Just an FYI though, once this code is set up, it will only apply to future posts. If you would like your signature to show up on previous posts, you have to go back and manually edit each post. 


     Go to Blogger dashboard. Click through to the POST TEMPLATE section of the previous step. Copy & paste the code you already pasted into that box. Look to the list of links on the left side of the page and click: POSTS. Choose a post you would like to incorporate your signature into and click: EDIT. Click: HTML rather than the usual Compose format. At the very bottom of the post, paste the code. Click: UPDATE.

     Comment below if this post was helpful to you or if there are any other things you would like to know how to do to pretty up your blog.